Credit Transfer

Through the process of credit transfer, a student will earn the credit value of the transferred course.

Students with prior formal study are welcome to join UTAR undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with credit transfer. Credit transfer will be granted based on student’s previous academic achievements obtained at another local/foreign institution of higher learning. The approved transfer credits will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation of the programme enrolled.

For credit transfer from diploma or degree programmes of other institutions, only credit hours will be transferred with no grade. For inter-programme transfer within UTAR and student exchange programmes with recognised UTAR MOU partners, credit hours will be transferred with grades.

The credit evaluation and course assessment will be carried out by the respective faculties at the point of application for admission to UTAR.

Credit Transfer Application (For Malaysian and International students)

  • Students who have obtained a diploma or higher academic qualification (including incomplete degree) of an accredited programme are eligible for  
          the consideration of credit transfer.

  • Credit transfer shall be considered on a case-by-case basis and the evaluation/assessment will be processed upon receiving the duly completed  
          Online Admission Application Form [click here] from the prospective students.

  • The official academic transcripts and other supporting documents such as programme structure/course syllabus, Certificate of Award and other
          relevant documents from previous study must be submitted together with the Online Admission Application Form.

  • Students who are unable to provide the above-mentioned documents at the point of admission and wish to apply for credit transfer after 
          enrolment to UTAR Bachelor’s degree programmes may submit their applications for credit transfer together with the relevant documents to the
          Faculty General Office within their first academic trimester of the programme enrolled.

  • Re-admission students who wish to apply for internal credit transfer based on their previous UTAR results may submit their applications for credit 
          transfer to the Faculty General Office within their first academic trimester of the programme enrolled.

  • Programme transfer students who wish to apply for credit transfer based on the academic results awarded by their previous Institutions of Higher 
          Learning and/or internal credit transfer based on the previous UTAR results will be required to complete Section A and/or Section C of the                       "Programme Transfer Application" and submit to the Faculty General Office at the point of programme transfer application.
  • Students with prior experiential learning or informal study may apply for credit award through APEL.C [click here] based on their relevant 
          knowledge and skills acquired through non-formal work-related learning experience and informal training courses. 

Type of Credit Transfer

i) Vertical Credit Transfer

  • Vertical Credit Transfer refers to the transfer of credit from one programme to another programme of higher academic level (i.e. from diploma
         qualification to bachelor degree qualification).
  • The maximum percentage of credit transfer permitted for Vertical Credit Transfer will be capped from 30% to 50% of the total graduation
         requirement, which vary depending on the type of bachelor degree programme enrolled and the grades of the equivalent courses obtained from
         previous institutions.

ii) Horizontal Credit Transfer

  • Horizontal Credit Transfer refers to the transfer of credit from one programme to another programme of the same academic level (i.e. from
         bachelor degree to bachelor degree).

  • The maximum percentage of credit transfer allowable for Horizontal Credit Transfer is subjected to student's residential requirement in which the         student must spend at least one long trimester of study at UTAR to qualify for the award of a scroll, excluding Engineering degree programmes               whereby the maximum transferable credits will be limited to 50% of the total graduation requirement as set by the Engineering Accreditation                 Council (EAC).

Granting of Credit Transfer

  • In general, the approval of credit transfer will be guided by the following criteria: 

         a. The equivalent course must score at least grade C or better (minimum grade B for English Language courses)
         b. The course mapping must achieve at least 80% similarity in course content and learning outcomes
         c. The credit value of an equivalent course must be of same value or more than the credit value carried by UTAR course
         d. The course evaluated for credit transfer must be from an accredited programme (or with Provisional Accreditation status) recognized by
             Malaysian government or the relevant national authorities from the country of origin

  • Credit transfer for degree programmes with professional certification and recognition will be granted in accordance to the rules and requirements
          set by the related Professional Bodies.
  • Students who have been granted credit transfer will not be required to take the transferred course(s), thereby reducing the number of courses
         required to be completed in the programme enrolled.

  • Click here to view the UTAR Credit Transfer and Course Exemption Policy.

Credit Transfer for UTAR MBBS programme for Malaysian Medical Students returning from Overseas during COVID-19 Pandemic

  • UTAR is one of the approved institutions in Malaysia that could accept Malaysian medical students returning from overseas or whose learning
         progress have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and plan to continue their medical study in Malaysia.

  • The aforesaid medical students may apply for entry to UTAR MBBS programme with credit transfer using their results obtained from overseas
         institutions. They must first meet the admission criteria and entry requirements as approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and
         Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

  • The credit transfer evaluation will then be carried out based on the MoHE and MMC credit transfer guidelines and procedures. The credit transfer
         will only be granted upon getting approval from MMC.

  • In general, medical students from a 5-year medical programme may be eligible for credit transfer where the maximum credit transfer allowable will
         be capped at 40% if the curriculum mapping is equivalent to 80% or more while for curriculum mapping that achieved 100% equivalency, the
         advanced standing student must fulfil at least 2 years of academic residency at UTAR.

  • Click here for more information about UTAR MBBS programme.

  • Click here to get in touch with our Educational Counsellors for guidance and further assistance.

Credit Transfer Charges (Advanced Standing Fee)

  • RM100 advanced standing fee will be charged for each successful credit transfer course approved at the point of admission offer.

  • The total charges of the advanced standing fees will be reflected on the student bill for prospective students to be paid upon enrolment to UTAR. 

  Important note:
   UTAR reserves the right to reject any application or retract any decision if it is found that the information given by the student is incorrect and/or inaccurate.

All information is correct at the time of upload and UTAR reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.