Congratulations, you've got the offer!
The next step for you is to accept our offer and reserve your place at UTAR.     


Accepting your Offer / Registration

  • Please read through your offer letter carefully and confirm on the programme offered to you.
  • Please read and understand the University’s 'Terms and Conditions' for accepting the admission offer (refer to the "Terms and Conditions" section below).
  • Please read and understand the University’s 'Requirements for Admission' and the  'Information for Freshman' (Please login to the Admission Application Status Enquiry system for more details).
  • To accept the offer, please proceed to make payment based on the fee details stated on your Student Bill.
  • For information on payment Click Here
  • Please keep a copy of your payment receipt / proof of payment.
  • A Student ID will be generated after the payment is received.
  • Thank you for choosing UTAR. Now you have successfully registered for your study programme and officially a UTARian. 

Getting the UTAR Student ID

  • New students will be required to obtain a Student ID before gaining access to UTAR Student Portal.
  • If you pay your Student Bill by using JomPay / Public Bank Internet Banking / Branches, your student ID will be generated in 3 working days. 
  • You may obtained your student ID from the Admission Application Status Enquiry system Click Here
  • Your Student ID is printed on your Student Bill if you pay at the Division of Finance, UTAR.
  • With your Student ID, you can now login to 'UTAR Portal' to create your UTAR Email account. 
  • As a new student, you will be required to verify your personal particulars through the "Student Verification Exercise" in the Student Portal. The verification system will be open to access when closer to the commencement of the study trimester.
  • You may refer to the timetable and student loan application information available in the Student Portal.

Attending the Orientation Programme

  • Welcome to UTAR. Now you are ready to join our physical Orientation session for freshmen.
  •  Please visit UTAR Orientation website for more information. Click Here
  • Please prepare the following documents and bring along during Orientation for submission purpose and verification by the Admission officers:
  • For enquiries about the Orientation events and activities, please contact the Department of Student Affairs at dsa@utar.edu.my or
         Tel 016-2100864 (Kampar Campus) / 016-2100862 (Sungai Long Campus).



You are considered to have accepted the offer of admission only after having paid the fees indicated in the Student Bill on or before the due date of payment stipulated in the Student Bill.

Late registration and payments may be accepted at the absolute discretion of the University and subject to the imposition of any prescribed late registration fee and charges.

The University reserves the right to reject registration and payments made after the stipulated due date notwithstanding that such payments were inadvertently accepted by the University's agent for banking or collection.

A student who has registered for a programme leading to a Foundation or a Bachelor's degree of this University shall not be allowed to register concurrently for another programme leading to a Foundation or Bachelor's degree of this University or a programme of any other university.

A student who has registered for a programme leading to a diploma or degree of another university shall not be allowed to register concurrently for a programme leading to a Foundation or Bachelor's degree of this University.

Any student found to be pursuing more than one programme of study in the University at any given time is liable to have his student status terminated in one of the programmes at the absolute discretion of the University. The onus is on the student to withdraw from his current programme of study should he decide to register for another programme with the University.

A postgraduate degree candidate of this University may register concurrently for another postgraduate degree programme in this University or another university if:-

  • the candidate possesses excellent academic credentials;
  • the candidate registers concurrently for not more than two postgraduate degree programmes at any time;
  • the concurrent programmes are part-time postgraduate degree programmes; and
  • the concurrent programmes are in different areas of specialisation, whereby the research materials and data obtained and submitted for the degree of one programme would not be submitted for the degree of the other programme.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to devote adequate time and effort into the postgraduate programmes pursued.

The candidate shall, upon registration, be required to sign a letter of undertaking that the same research materials and data would not be submitted for both postgraduate degree programmes. In the event that the student violates this undertaking, the University shall terminate the programme of the student with immediate effect or retract the degree, if the degree has been awarded.

Students must note that on accepting a place at the University upon payment of fees, they are giving an undertaking to observe the Rules and Regulations of the University (Please login to UTAR Portal > Guideline for more details) . These include payment of fees, attendance at classes and at examinations; and observance of other Rules and Regulations of the University.

Students are responsible for familiarising themselves with these Rules and Regulations which may be amended from time to time. Students are to note that any breach of the Rules and Regulations may lead to disciplinary action.

The University will exercise all reasonable endeavours to deliver programmes as described in the University's Website. However, the University reserves the right to vary the contents or methodology of delivery of the programmes, to discontinue and/or to merge programmes, if such action is deemed necessary by the University and where necessary approval has been obtained. If the University discontinues a programme, it will endeavours its best to provide a suitable alternative programme.

All information is correct at the time of upload and UTAR reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.